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Why Choose Us?

No Account Categorizing

Simply process your business transactions with ZERO accounting know how, unlike any other accounting solution. No account categorizing or organizing to worry about – let your accountant do it for you the right way. Eliminates accounting errors and you get accurate and timely financials.

Multi Business – Access and Reporting

Single log in to access multiple business entities and accounts. Custom reports and dashboards to show how your entire business is doing. Custom consolidated reporting

EFFICIENT with Smart Collaboration

You can work seamlessly with your team, accountant and business partners. Accountants can complete your financials faster with access to all the details they need. Business partners can check-in anywhere they are and get access to your financials. You control who sees what and everyone is on the same page, so business decisions can be made instantly.

Real-Time Financial Data

1) Business owners -Invite key members, your accountant, bookkeeper or business partners, whether they are near or far.
2) Business partners and Investors -Check-in to see how your business is doing instantly.
3) Accountants and Bookkeepers – Manage all your clients with one login.

Safe and Secure

Security of your data is extremely important to us. Cloud Counting maintains bank level security, with automatic backups, 256 bit SSL data encryption. All your data is held within access-controlled data centers.

Customizable Security Access

Providing security access and customizing it by need. For example, a business owner can view A/P or A/R of one business vs many small businesses. We only read or write customizable security. Edit or read only access as needed.

Workflow Approvals

We have recently introduced this feature wherein a custom path from start to finish of an approval process can be defined. This can apply for invoice creation, bills, check writing and payments. One of our clients is testing some features across 3000 users and 100 locations.
Have also created a “box” where they can upload all documents that accountant needs to have. Essentially this is a one stop accounting destination for small businesses.


Cloud Counting is supported by a growing team of intelligent individuals with big ideas.


Your data is yours. At Cloudcounting you are the owner of your data and can download it at anytime. We are a software and service company, and not a data company. Therefore, we do not sell any data.


The core elements of Cloud Counting accounting software design have been awarded a Patent and Patent Pending status.