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At Cloud Counting we offer customized packages that best fit your company.

The Basics plan gives you access to our Cloud Counting Software. 

With the Essentials plan, you will get the software plus accounting services, including all basic accounting services. You will also be able to a have 3rd party processing company and be able to use the software to pay bills.  We provide businesses with their own finance and accounting team. This team will help you understand how much money you have, who you owe and who owes you, to know the health of your business. We’ll provide the financial reports to deeply understand your business.

What we do:

      1. Perform month- and year-end reconciliations
      2. Create a custom chart of accounts
      3. Revenue recognition (on accrual or cash basis)
      4. Deliver accurate, on-time financial statements

The Next Level Package includes our Basics and Essentials features plus payroll and occupancy tax etc.  We will also include a “Year End Tax Package” with information your CPA or Tax Preparer will need.

* All prices are billed monthly

**The pricing of the packages are based on the following:

Number of transactions
Number of bank accounts
Number of credit cards
Number of employees
Type of business